The New Renaissance Goldmine

23 Nov

The Renaissance Goldmine of Brilliant Tax Strategies For Real Estate Investors

 Brand New Text Manual Version


By: Al Aiello, CPA, MS Taxation, RE Investor

 Real Estate Investors

 Are you sick & tired of…

  •  Taxes eating up your income?
  • The increased chances of an expensive IRS audit?
  • Not having the right entities to protect you?
  • Wrong costly advice?

 Did you know …

 That real estate offers by far the greatest number of money-saving tax gems, more than any other vehicle! 

 That you can legally pay little or no taxes even with a large amount of income!!

 But most CPA’s cannot help you; they know little about the incredible strategies that empower you to put a lot more cash in your pocket !  


How To Deduct a Mr Landlord Cruise Conference Report

BONUS: FORMS DISK INCLUDED! — Specially Designed Tax-Saving Forms in the Manual are all Included on the Forms Disk. 

AND A FREE BONUS AUDIO CD TRAINING: All those who order through the catalog page also receive an exclusive free bonus audio CD of Albert Aiello ($99 value), giving a live training highlighting many of the tax saving strategies in his Renaissance Goldmine book. This training was done at one of’s Real Estate Conferences. Order now to request your copy of the complete Renaissance Goldmine Tax Reduction Manual along with your free bonus audio CD training by Albert Aiello.

The newest edition of the Renaissance Goldmine of Brilliant Tax Strategies is advertised nationally for $599.95. Through an exclusive and limited time arrangement with, visitors can order this valuable tax resource for half the nationally advertised price, only $299.

GUARANTEE from Jeffrey Taylor (Founder of  If  Al’s nearly 500 page manual does not help you save at least an additional $2,000, feel free to send it back to us for a full refund. 

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